« […] We weren’t made to live together, it’s not always enough to love well […] it’s not easy to say goodbye […] »
Translation of « Salut Les Amoureux » by Joe Dassin

Your relationship has come to a point of no return.  Divorce seems like the only solution.  You are overwhelmed and do not know where to start. You are both conscious that you must maintain somewhat of a relationship following an eventual divorce.  You must embrace the idea that you will be co-parents forever of your beautiful children.

You have witnessed divorce through your close ones, maybe even your parents.  You are concerned and may have witnessed how justice can be imposed and you would much prefer working on a mutual agreement.  You promote solving your personal conflicts through positive resolution methods.  You do not want other people dictating the way you function in personal aspects of your life.

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If you own or owned a house, or reside or did reside during your union, in the Province of Québec, you most likely have consulted a Québec Notary.  You may have consulted a Québec Notary for the planning of the legal consequences of your union or cohabitation.  Your Québec Notary has probably assisted you in the course of the purchase of your house, the drafting of your wills, mandates of protection and possibly even the preparation of your marriage contract.

You appreciated the concept of a collaborative approach focused on discussion and negotiation.  Our team of legal advisors can help you in the process of an amicable divorce application.  We can accompany you in the elaboration of a solution for all of the legal and financial aspects of your divorce.

The law on divorce authorises three causes for the breakdown of a marriage:

  • Living separately for at least one year;
  • Adultery ; and
  • Cruelty.

In the first two cases, an amicable divorce represents an interesting alternative for individuals who are able and willing to discuss.  Planning the consequences of your divorce with our team of Notaries does not stop you at any point in consulting or stop you from being represented by another legal advisor (notary or lawyer) to help you understand one or many aspects of your divorce.  Throughout the process, our legal team will invite you to consult other legal advisors to ensure your full comprehension.  Our team will be there to guide you in every step from the calculation of the family patrimony to the child custody and the child or spousal support.

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