Marriage and your union

Our team takes great pleasure in accompanying you in the formalisation of your union. Whether you choose to get married or stay in a de facto union, we are your legal partners.


You are creative and you wish for a marriage ceremony that reflects who you are, intimate or in a unique environment? Our notaries can celebrate your wedding in the location of your choice in the province of Québec.

Furthermore, when we have the pleasure of participating in this important step, you also receive a consultation on the obligations and responsibilities involved in a marriage. Indeed, more than a one day event, a marriage is a formal contract between two adults that have decided to commit to one another and this has legal consequences.

With us, you are in the capable hands of our team of notaries who will give you advice on the possibility of doing a marriage contract as well as structuring a celebration that reaches your expectations.

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De facto union

You are uncertain marriage is for you? You are in a serious relationship and you wish to structure your union, we can assist you in that project. Indeed, a common-law contract or a de facto spouse agreement is a contract in which you choose the rules that are applicable to your union. We can work in partnership with you to develop the structure of your finances, the recognition of your assets as well as the rules applicable to your separation. It is to be noted that to this day in Québec, no rules concerning family patrimony are applicable to de facto spouses. You have a gentleman’s agreement on the partition of your assets if ever you separate, don’t wait until you separate to formalise it in writing. When things are going well that is the time to discuss balancing assets and the consequences of a separation.

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