Family Mediation

You have decided that you wish to separate, but where do you start? It’s normal to ask yourself questions and to be lost when facing the extent of decisions required when going through a separation. Our team of accredited mediators is familiar with the challenges that this transition phase represent for you. We are specialised in the elaboration of game plans that help your team maneuver this change harmoniously.

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When a couple invests in a solid accompaniment with an experimented mediator, the results follow. By taking the time to develop with method a winning and personalised strategy, you can come out strong from this difficult period.

It’s interesting to know that for Québec residents that have dependent children, the Québec Government covers a specific amount of hours of mediation with an accredited mediator. The mediator’s mission is simple: to help the separating individuals determine the division of their assets, the custody of the children as well as the child support and the support for the ex-spouse if applicable.

Naturally, the mediator helps by bringing his general legal and practical knowledge to the meetings that will enable the ex-couple to develop a valid separation agreement. Indeed, thanks to a notary’s extensive knowledge of the business and real estate domains, he is a choice partner for any person concerned with his patrimony.

Finally, it is clear that raising kids is not an instantaneous process. When parents separate, they usually treat one reality. Be it a toddler’s, an elementary student’s or a young adult’s on his way to autonomy, every phase of a child’s life can require a reflection on his parents part. It is interesting to know that when changes happen in the reality of the co-parents, the Government also allows that a number of hours be paid for the revision of the agreement concerning the custody and the child support.

Mediation : a process that leaves everyone a winner!

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