The notary- you partner of choice for all your real estate projects

The notary is a part of the real estate domain and has been for hundreds of years in Québec. Indeed, by his schooling and his experience, he is your choice partner when purchasing a property. Our expert notary team will accompany throughout the process.

We work with you so that you purchase unfolds in an optimal manner and we advise you with all of our legal knowledge to help you protect your down payment, structure the rules between co-owners, understand the restrictions affecting your property, like easements or a co-ownership declaration, and planning the steps of your purchase.

Indeed, our notaries accompany their clients in this important transition phase of their lives to orient them and help plan each step. Our preventive approach assists you in coordinating your transfer, be it by orchestrating your sale and purchase or in establishing the sequence of steps if you are being relocated by your employer in our beautiful region. Our team helps you in a human and flexible framework that uses all of the technological means at our disposal to offer you an experience at the height of your expectations.


Through the years, our team has acquired a sold experience in accompanying our clients in the great adventure of self building their home. Whether your project is a log cottage, a uniquely designed house or a prefabricated one, our team is there to assist you during the whole process to obtain the funds and assist you in the project. We coordinate the documentation with the lender and we optimise the steps with him. We accompany you in obtaining the different documents required and we guide you in the labyrinth of legal and financial steps of you construction, from the purchase of the lot to the completion of your dream.

Real estate investor

You are passionate for real estate? You dream of building your very own property portfolio? You are planning your retirement and you wish to acquire income property? We are your notary team to accompany you in your purchase of a multi-plex or an income property. We are experts in the process of acquiring either with a company or as an individual and we put all our expertise at your service when we examine the various documents of the property, whether they are the leases, rights affecting the property or the declaration of the co-ownership. We advise you with regards to fiscal impacts you should ask yourself and we help you understand the rules that surround rentals in Québec. You wish to be a prosperous real estate owner who understands his rights and obligations? Our notaries will help you achieve your goals!

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Servitudes or easements

You have a property and you wish to renovate it, but the windows you wish to add would be too close to the property line, you discovered that you paved entrance is in fact in part on your neighbor’s property? You have a right of way on your property and you would like to modify where it is on your property wo better reflect your circulation needs? Our team of notaries will guide you in the process of creating or modifying servitudes for all your projects.

Hypothecs (mortgages)

You are restructuring your finances? You are finally getting around to renovating your kitchen? You are soon to be retired and you wish to hit the road with a brand new RV? Your kids are all in university at the same time? No matter the reason, we are your partner for the refinancement of your residence. Our dynamic team will optimise the process and allow you to close rapidly your project.

You need to have a private hypothec tailor made for your personalised agreement. You are financing a project with the help of someone in your entourage but he would like to be protected? Do not hesitate to call our team of experts who will assist both the lender and the borrower in a neutral environment for a custom made protection.

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