Wills and mandates

Planning for your close one is an exercise that is a reflection of your values and your life. Indeed, our team of notaries is specialised in the drafting of wills and mandates that are tailor-made to your needs.


First and foremost, it is clear that a will enables you to avoid the application of the succession laws applicable. Indeed, when a person passes without having made a will, the Law decides to whom the belongings go. Even better than having a will, is having a will done before a notary. A notarial will, on top of being prepared by a professional, facilitates the treatment of the estate by reducing the delays and the costs.

When doing the careful drafting of a will, the Testator can decide to whom the assets will go, who will administer the estate and how the process will unfold. The notary can also help plan certain fiscal implications and how to reduce them if possible. Also, in the event that the legatees would potentially be underage or very young when they would inherit, the notary can help plan a detailed remittance of the inheritance as well as including the designation of a tutor for the children.

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Finally, in cases where assets are spread out in multiple countries or provinces, it can be interesting to draft a complementary will treating the assets in the province of Québec to reduce costs and delays for the transfer of the real estate property in Québec.

Your choice partner in the drafting of your personalised notarial will is without a doubt our team. We will be there to answer your preoccupations and draft a will in harmony with your needs.

Protection Mandate

For many, a protective mandate is an obscure and unknown document. It’s main purpose is to determine who will take care of you and your property if you are unable to do so yourself. In a protective mandate, the choice of the persons who will take the decisions in your best interest it the primary choice that is required. Nonetheless, it is also important to frame the administration of that person. In certain cases the incapacity spreads over a long time span and without well-established rules of administration, that take into consideration the interrelations of the different family members, certain people embark on very slippery slopes. Furthermore, a clause mentioning the use of the assets including if they can be used to support family members, namely children, parents or spouse, must be mentioned specifically in the mandate. In the event that the clause is absent, the assets may not be used for anyone but the incapacitated person.

Finally, a mandate is the ideal document to officialise your wishes concerning the type of care you wish to receive during the incapacity. From heroic therapeutic measures to instructions concerning the environment and the desired type of establishment, it is possible to personalise your mandate to reflect your expectations concerning your level of living and your values.

Do not hesitate, call our team for a document that will respect your integrity and provide you with peace of mind.

Advanced medical directives

Since December 2015, it is possible in Quebec to sign a document called advanced medical directives. In this document, a person can determine in advance in three specific medical conditions if five treatments are accepted or refused. Your mandatary may not change your decisions which will have force of Law in the event that the situation happens.


For all of your will and mandate needs, take care of your documentation with your team of experts.

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